Kitec Piping: Are You Eligible for a Settlement?

Kitec Piping: Are You Eligible for a Settlement?

Tuesday Oct 15th, 2019


Attention: Buyers and Sellers

If you think you may be eligible to take part in the settlement, contact a lawyer and see for more information.

Deadline to submit a claim is January 9, 2020.

As per this article written by Martin Rumack, called Kitec, What Buyers and Sellers Need to Know, he explains that, ''Kitec piping was sold and used between 1995 and 2007. It was used in new home construction and in renovations of some existing homes as a piping system for carrying water throughout the house, and for supplying water to radiant heating systems for both the home and for flooring and heated towel racks. The outside is prominently stamped with "Kitec" and is made of plastic (cross-lined poyethylene or PEX), while the inside is lined with aluminium. The pipe is usually orange in colour, but in some cases may be blue, grey or white." Click here to read more...

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